Congratulations Mr. Russell

Congratulations to Mr. Chris Russell as he has achieved a rank of 7th kyu, Yellow Belt in Shuri Ryu Karate. Mr Russell has been training for over a year, including two winters. He demonstrates excellent committment and spirit in his training. We are grateful to count him among our karate-ka. Mr. Spencer called him the best white belt he had seen. And as Mr. Garrett is fond of saying, the yellow belt is the probably the hardest rank to achieve other than Sho Dan. Congratulations Mr. Russell.


Meet our Yellow Striped Dragons

Meet the Kosho School of Karate’s Yellow Striped Dragons. Each of these youngsters have been training for six months, showing great effort and passion. Congratulations Dragons. We are proud of our youngsters.

Yellow Striped Dragons and Sensei

Left to Right: Winston Apthorp (6), Eleanor Apthorp (7), Jim Stinson (4) Nora Stinson (9). Mr. Neil Stinson – Sensei

Newest white belt

Mr Chris Russell has been training at the Kosho Karate school and recently earned a black for on his belt. This signifies that he is a formal student with regular participation and excellent spirit at the Kosho School. Congratulations Mr. Russell.

Congratulations Mr. Baldwin

Congratulations to Mr. Chris Baldwin as he has achieve he rank of Green Belt 5th Kyu. Mr. Baldwin trains several times a week. He has worked extremely hard to learn Karate. Thank you for training Mr. Baldwin and congratulations.

Left to right. Mr. Richard Garrett, Mr. Neil Stinson, Mr. William Spencer, Mr. Ezra Scott, Mr. Chris Baldwin, Mr. Chris Russell


Congratulations Mr. Ezra Scott. He has achieved the rank of Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu, at the Zanshin Dojo with Mr Eric Silver. Ezra has been a regular student of Mr. Silver’s for six years and continues to excel in Jiu Jitsu as well as Karate. Well done sir!

ezra's promotion375323027..jpg

Congratulations Mr. Neil Stinson. He has achieved the rank of Gokyu (5th) in Aikido at the Dojo of Nashville with Sensei Steve Matthews and Sensei Erwin Ricafort. Neil has trained Aikido for three years while continuing to train full time in karate as well. Well done sir!


Mr. Ezra Scott achieves the rank of San Dan.

Congratulations to Mr. Ezra Scott as he has achieved the rank of San Dan; 3rd degree Black Belt in Shuri Ryu. Mr Scott trains with passion, integrity and grit. He recently competed in the elite competion, the 2017 Trias Cup. Congratulations Mr Scott. 

Master Phillip Koeppel and Mr. Ezra Scott

Mr. Stinson achieves rank in Aikido

Mr. Neil Stinson has passed examination and received the rank of 6th kyu at Dojo of Nashville. The Dojo of Nashville is a well established Aikido school in Nashville. Mr Stinson has been training Aikido with them for about a couple of years with Sensei Steve Matthews  and Sensei Erwin Ricafort.

Congratulation Mr. Stinson. Thank you Dojo of Nashville.

Top Left to right: Sensei Steve Matthews, Eric San Bottom Left to right: Charles McGruder, Neil Stinson, Dan Lavelle, Kim Schultz