Green Belt Standards

Green Belt Standards for McLain’s Kosho School of Karate

  1. Students must know all Yellow and Blue belt Standards listed elsewhere.
  2. Students must know Self Defense Techniques and Waza, all techniques are done with tension under breath. Students must practice all movements with discipline.
  3. All basic blocks, strikes, kicks and stances. (listed under standards – pages menu)
  4. Six Shuri-Ryu Ippons
  5. Five Taezu Naru Wazas
  6. Five body forms (the 3rd of each series) 1)Dragon(Oniken) 2)Tiger (Tora Ken) 3)Leopard (Hon Uniken) 4)Snake (Nishi Ken)
  7. Three High Self Defenses
  8. Katas – Basic Practice Form #1 – Wunsu kata – Anaku Kata – Empi Sho kata – Sanchin Kata – Neko Buto #1
  9. Bunkai interpretation of all Katas
  10. Intro to Throwing, Choking, Mat tenchniques and Ukemi
  11. Kata-Kumite, full speed 3 minutes
  12. Sparing three, 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest.
  13. Three minutes Jiju Undo (free exercise)
  14. Knowledge of knife and club fighting, plus three minutes with opponents
  15. Physical requirements: *run 2 miles *40 push-ups *10 chin-ups *50 arm strikes (15lbs for men, 10lbs women) *waza, kata, bag training, 5 minutes
  16. Sufficient knowledge of Intermediate techniques and combinations.
  17. Combinations while moving in Side Kiba Dachi
  18. Combinations while moving in Zenkutsu Dachi
  19. Cross over and skip kick from Side Kiba Dachi
  20. Third level blocks, strikes, kicks. Tightness of stances. Breath and Bone strength
  21. Hip Movement from all stances — swiveling hip with coil action
  22. Mae Tobi, Yoko Kekomi, Mawashi Geri
  23. Combinations while moving Wegde Kiba Dachi.
  24. Knee take downs w/ foot strikes
  25. Short Short Punch and Cover with Left side. –R seiken, R Riken and L cross Punch, R uppercut, over hand short punch, — reverse Yoko Kekomi, Mae, Mawashi and Kagato Geri, — Forearm strikes with Rikens and forearm blocking.
  26. From Neko, Kiba and Mitsurin Dachi: -spin hook kick, -spin downward kick, -spin crescent kick, -spin hook crescent back kick (done as one)
  27. Moving in Sanchin, block, into Zenkutsu Dachi, kick or punch
  28. Mawashi Uke, punch or kick.
  29. All system characteristics of Shuri-Ryu as listed on Shuri-Ryu Page.
  30. 225 class hours

Standards compiled by Sensei James McLain 8/16/1983


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