In Memory of Mr. Shelton

left to right: Mr. Parker Shelton, Mr Glenn Keeney, Mr. Phillip Koeppel, Mr. James McLain

Mr. Parker Shelton began studying martial arts in 1959.

He studied under Mr. James Wax, Mr. Robert Yarnall,

He was the recipient of the Trias International Award from Mr. Robert A. Trias – founder of the United States Karate Association (USKA).
Mr. Shelton became the first president of the Trias International and set many fine precedents within the USKA particularly in the area of professional karate.
He was the United States Karate Association national point champion in fighting in 1972.
In addition to being a fine competitor, an outstanding figure in the government of karate and a unbiased referee,
Mr. Shelton was respected as a talented martial arts instructor. He dedicated himself to instructing and promotion of the arts of Judo and Karate.
Mr. Parker Shelton started the first Judo and Karate school in Fort Wayne, Indiana late in 1965. His students now number in the thousands.

He was the owner of the Parker Shelton Bushido Sports Center which provides instruction in Judo
and Karate and offers a series of cardiovascular recovery programs.
Mr. Shelton was a noted leader and renowned competitor in the domestic and international martial arts world.

The following is a quote he gave during an interview while in Romania in 2010:

“The great thing about Karate, especially for the youth, it gives them a purpose in life. It gives them a method of learning respect, dedication and responsibility. The biggest thing that we teach in karate, through our organizations, through our united States Karate Do Kai, through the Matsubyashi Shorin Ryu System, is the fact that these  are very old, traditional values and we instill them into our younger people.  And you will find that once a person starts in Karate, and that do it for a period of time, this is something that will last them the rest of their life.

I’ve been doing this for 48 years. I wouldn’t know anything else to do. And you’ll find that thee youngsters, these young boys and girls that are doing this are going to develop into very, very good adults. And that is the main thing; is the fact that we pass these traditions on to them and so that they will grow and will replace us.”-Mr. Parker Shelton

this is a link to his obituary.


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