Sensei McLain, Rest in Peace


It is with deep sadness the we announce the passing of Sensei James McLain. He had been in and out of the hospital for the past several weeks and most recently took a severe turn for the worse. Sensei McLain passed away earlier this afternoon in comfort surrounded by family, friends and students.

Sensei McLain touched many thousands of souls during his time on Earth. He is responsible for a strong, tough and defined branch of the Kosho Shuri Ryu Karate Lineage. As is often said, the story of American Karate cannot be written without including Sensei McLain’s narrative.

A true believer in the old school ways of doing things, his teaching had no short cuts, no simple paths to mastery and no easy techniques. His way, the Kosho Way is one of constant vigilance, continuous training and physical and spiritual perseverance.

His pride and confidence in his students was always made known at any competition. His love of friends was evident too. Over many years, the annual trip to Peoria to see his best friends was the highlight of his year. Much remiains to be said for Sensei McLain.  But for now:

Thank you Sensei for your kindness, willingness to teach and for the Karate you’ve passed on. Rest in peace Sensei.



2 thoughts on “Sensei McLain, Rest in Peace

  1. Sorry to hear of Mr. Mclains passing. He was a true karate man and an inspiration to many of us. I have many fond memories of sensei Mclain.

  2. RIP Uncle James you were my first hero as a little girl and will always be my hero..You taught me how to work hard to achieve my goals, take pride in what I do and stand up for my beliefs..I have carried these throughout my life and forever grateful and proud to have you as my Uncle..Love you always and will see you on the other side…<3

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