Congratulations Mr. Russell

Congratulations to Mr. Chris Russell as he has achieved a rank of 7th kyu, Yellow Belt in Shuri Ryu Karate. Mr Russell has been training for over a year, including two winters. He demonstrates excellent committment and spirit in his training. We are grateful to count him among our karate-ka. Mr. Spencer called him the best white belt he had seen. And as Mr. Garrett is fond of saying, the yellow belt is the probably the hardest rank to achieve other than Sho Dan. Congratulations Mr. Russell.


Meet our Yellow Striped Dragons

Meet the Kosho School of Karate’s Yellow Striped Dragons. Each of these youngsters have been training for six months, showing great effort and passion. Congratulations Dragons. We are proud of our youngsters.

Yellow Striped Dragons and Sensei

Left to Right: Winston Apthorp (6), Eleanor Apthorp (7), Jim Stinson (4) Nora Stinson (9). Mr. Neil Stinson – Sensei

Our newest Blue Belt, Congratulations Mr. Baldwin

Mr Roy Baldwin has successfully met all requirements for a Blue Belt in McLain’s Kosho School of Karate. This is no small achievement for the Shuri Ryu Standards hand down to us from Sensei Master McLain are difficult, and demanding.

Mr. Baldwin began training roughly two years ago. He’s demonstrated excellent stewardship for the Kosho School. He does not miss an opportunity to express his love, reverence and appreciation for Sensei McLain and his teachings.

We, at the Kosho School are very proud to announce Mr. Roy Baldwin’s promotion. Thank you for training Mr. Baldwin…. well done.


Mr. Ezra Scott, Mr. Roy Baldwin. Blue Belt test


Mr. Tom Awad, in remembrance

It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing a stong man of Karate. Mr Tom Awad passed away after a long battle with illness. A loving husband, father and brother, he is remembered and missed by all who knew him.

Mr. Awad began studying karate as a young man, joining his brothers in every adventure the art took them. Tom Awad is well known to the karate world as a fierce competitor, a man of remarkable strength and power. His “Kia” shook walls. At the Kosho School he would spar with anyone, as he was willing to demonstrate his excellent technique.  He was a patient, kind teacher to all students he encountered. Thanks you for all you shared with us, Mr. Awad. You shall never be forgotten. karate-251

Mr Awad had incredible technique. He is seen here in a seminar.



img_1995            Mr Mike Awad, Mr. Tom Awad Jr., Mr Tom Awad



The Awad Brothers are long time friends and students of Master Phillip Koeppel seen here in 1992

Tom Awad was a long time student and friend of Sensei James McLain seen below.


Mr Tom Awad is seen here as the winner of the Trias Cup. r1-06287-023a

Sensei McLain, Rest in Peace


It is with deep sadness the we announce the passing of Sensei James McLain. He had been in and out of the hospital for the past several weeks and most recently took a severe turn for the worse. Sensei McLain passed away earlier this afternoon in comfort surrounded by family, friends and students.

Sensei McLain touched many thousands of souls during his time on Earth. He is responsible for a strong, tough and defined branch of the Kosho Shuri Ryu Karate Lineage. As is often said, the story of American Karate cannot be written without including Sensei McLain’s narrative.

A true believer in the old school ways of doing things, his teaching had no short cuts, no simple paths to mastery and no easy techniques. His way, the Kosho Way is one of constant vigilance, continuous training and physical and spiritual perseverance.

His pride and confidence in his students was always made known at any competition. His love of friends was evident too. Over many years, the annual trip to Peoria to see his best friends was the highlight of his year. Much remiains to be said for Sensei McLain.  But for now:

Thank you Sensei for your kindness, willingness to teach and for the Karate you’ve passed on. Rest in peace Sensei.


Congratulations Mr. Jason Tillman

Mr. Jason Tillman has completed and passed his examination to achieve the rank of San Kyu, 3rd brown belt. He is one of only seven people to achieve this rank at McLain’s Kosho School of Karate. To reach this level at our school is no small achievement. This requires years of hard work, dedication and training. However, this type of achievement is no stranger to Mr. Tillman.

Mr. Neil Stinson, Mr. William Spencer, Mr. Ezra Scott, Mr. Jason Tillman, Mr. Richard Garrett

Mr. Neil Stinson, Mr. William Spencer, Mr. Ezra Scott, Mr. Jason Tillman, Mr. Richard Garrett

Since beginning his Karate training six years ago he has also seen the birth of two of four beautiful daughters. He is a devoted and loving father and husband. He has also achieved his Masters degree and is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in Primary and Acute Care. During his Nurse Practitioner training he also complete 600 hours of clinical work. All while working his full time ER job.

Few know the kind of hard work, long hours and challenging circumstances Mr. Tillman has known. Congratulations on your Brown Belt. We all look forward to many years of continued training with you.


Mr. Jason Tillman, San Kyu