Mr. Tom Awad, in remembrance

It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing a stong man of Karate. Mr Tom Awad passed away after a long battle with illness. A loving husband, father and brother, he is remembered and missed by all who knew him.

Mr. Awad began studying karate as a young man, joining his brothers in every adventure the art took them. Tom Awad is well known to the karate world as a fierce competitor, a man of remarkable strength and power. His “Kia” shook walls. At the Kosho School he would spar with anyone, as he was willing to demonstrate his excellent technique.  He was a patient, kind teacher to all students he encountered. Thanks you for all you shared with us, Mr. Awad. You shall never be forgotten. karate-251

Mr Awad had incredible technique. He is seen here in a seminar.



img_1995            Mr Mike Awad, Mr. Tom Awad Jr., Mr Tom Awad



The Awad Brothers are long time friends and students of Master Phillip Koeppel seen here in 1992

Tom Awad was a long time student and friend of Sensei James McLain seen below.


Mr Tom Awad is seen here as the winner of the Trias Cup. r1-06287-023a



McLain's Kosho Karate SchoolWe’ve had several promotions to announce this season.

Congratulations to Mr. Ezra Scott, head instructor for McLain’s Kosho School of Karate. He’s been promoted to Ni Dan.

Congratulations to Mr. Richard Garrett. He’s been promoted the Ni Kyu.

Congratulations to Mr. Jason Tillman. He’s most recently been promoted to 4th Kyu.

Congratulations to our newest member, Mr. Patrick Boals. A White Belt, he has earned his Black Dot initiating him as a student of Shuri-Ryu Karate

The 2104 USKK Grand International Tournament, the 30th anniversary of this competition is coming on June 20-22nd. Good luck to all competitors!

USKK 2013 Tournament

Kosho Schools return victorious from the 2013 USKK International Karate Kobudo Tournament.

Mr England-4th Dan: 2nd place Kata, 3rd place Kumite, 4th place Trias Cup

Mr Scott-1st Dan: 4th place Kata, 2nd place Kumite

Mr Awad-1st Brown: 1st place Kata, 1st place Kumite

Mr Stinson-2nd Brown: 2nd place Kata, 2nd place Kumite

Mr Tillman-Green belt: 1st place Kate, 2nd place Kumite

Mr Volz-Blue belt: 1st place Kate, 1st place Kumite

Karate is Kata

Kata is the heart of karate, and it is on kata that karate is based. Karate without kata is not karate. The goal of karate is self-mastery and it deepens and strengthens with training and perfection in the kata.

The methods of training used in karate were in part determined by the times and cultures in which the masters who devised them lived. The teaching methods have undergone much change since those times; however, the principles of the masters have not. The principles and aims are embodied in kata and when these are changed, there will no longer be any karate.

We have professed exponents if karate in America who have never studied karate per se, who have spread misinformation about the kata and who have cried to high heaven that they are building up and not destroying. The masters have passed down, through the centuries, and have stated what kata is and for what purpose it should be used. Kata is meant to train the mind, not intended solely for conceptual and intellectual self-defense; by the “art of karate” I do mean the ability of the technical excellence, which can be developed by physical training, but an ability of obtaining a spiritual goal through the practice of the kata, so that the player plays against himself and succeeds in conquering himself.

This may sound like arrant nonsense. You may say : Am I to believe that karate, a deadly fighting art, has downgraded to spiritual exercise? I do not care for the kata, I want to learn how to fight.”

According to the masters, karate is a matter of life and death to the extent it is a contest of the player with himself; and this kind of contect is not the shadow but the substance- the foundation of all contests outwardly directed, for example, toward a real opponent.

Kata reveals the quintessence of karate as it is a fight of the player with himself, and where can you find better training fundamentals than this. The purpose of kata is to create a certain frame of mind which is made always ready to respond, intuitively, to attack from without. Physical, technical training is necessary, but without the mind, training cannot even begin. Kata makes your mind grow from within. It makes you master your mind, not your mind master you.

The Way of karate is not easy to follow. The spirit of sincerity, in which nothing is held back. Nothing is wasted, must prevail and is achieved through kata. It is noteworthy the consistent karate champions are good kata men. naturally, there are some who win contest without being proficient in kata, but they are few in number and inconsistent in their wins. If push comes to shove, give me a good kata man anytime.

From the Student handbook of McLain’s Kosho School of Karate

USKK International Karate Tournament 2012

See members of McLain’s Kosho School of Karate and members of the Kosho-Ryu School of Karate (the school of Sensei Mike Awad’s) as we compete in Tournament.