Dojo Culture

School Creed (Kun):

  • I shall conduct my self in a manner which will reflect credit upon myself and the school.
  • I shall be loyal to this School and to the science it teaches.
  • I shall be honest and exercise integrity with the purpose of developing cooperation and trust with students, instructors and Dojo master.
  • I shall use Karate and Judo knowledge only in defense of my life, my family and my country.


Remember when training

Double-Bladed Axe

  • Every Open Hand is a Sword
  • Every Finger is a Dagger
  • Every Arm is  Spear
  • Every Fist is a Mace

Double-Bladed Axe:

The personal insignia of Master Phillip Koeppel,

  • The Color White is for Purity.
  • The color Black is for Strength.
  • The Eight side represent the “Eight-fold path“…..

 1)Right Understanding..2)Right Thoughts..3)Right Speech..4)Right Conduct..

5)Right Occupation..6)Right Effort..7)Right Mindfulness..8)Right Meditation

  • The Eight Precepts encircle the Ave itself, which has four side representing the “Four Noble Truths

1)There are sufferings in life…

2)Sufferings are caused by ignorance…

3)Suffering ceases when one overcomes ignorance. When a person reaches this condition, he is said to be enlightened.

4)The Way or Path to overcome the cause of ignorance is the “Eight Fold Path”.

  • The Axe is double-bladed, representing the direction of these tenets toward oneself (Hinayan) and for the benefit of others (Mahyan).
  • The 4 1/2 inch special emblem have been awarded to thirty-eight persons whom have achieved it meaning. They can be seen here.  They include:

Master Trias, Rev Foster,

Sensei James McLain, Mr Tom Awad, Mr. Mike Awad,

Mr. David Hamann, Mr. James Duffy, Mr. Rick Awad among many others.

  • Those awarded the Double-Bladed Axe may award their students the 1 1/2 inch duplicate emblem to special students of their’s whom have achieved it meaning. This award has been received by three students in our school:

1)Mr. Ezra Scott  2)Mr. Neil Stinson  3)Mr. Richard Garrett.


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