Motobu Choki
Student  of Matsumora Kasaku
Kosho Karate Kempo

Hsing T’ung Gee
Student of Hsing Shang Tsao
Hsing Yi

Konishi Yasuhiro
also worked with Motobu and Mr. Trias
Student of Motobu
Kosho Karate Kempo
Motobu’s Chief Instructor

Trias, Robert
Student of Hsing T’ung Gee and later Konishi
Shuri Ryu, Kondo Nosho Ryu
Founder of USKA, Author
Founder of Trias International Society

Koeppel, Phillip
Student of Trias
Shuri Ryu, Matsumura Seito Shorin-ryu
Founder of USKK
Originator of Double Bladed Axe Award

McLain, James
Student of Master Koeppel
Chief Instructor for Master Trias
Shuri-Ryu Karate 9th Dan


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