Shuri Ryu

Dojo and the Kosho tree, and the Champ

Characteristics of Shuri-Ryu Karate

  • Stances are exceptionally low in kata form
  • Seiken thrusts are executed slightly downward and in the center of the body. The rear leg moves lightly forward at the completion of the punch. The moving of the rear leg is automatic and is caused through the power that is generated by the force of the punch and the forward movement of the hips.
  • A Shuri fist. The index finger rests under the curled thumb.
  • Hips rotate with a definite forward movement.
  • Back fists –  Four arm back fist and four shoulder back fists
  • Blocks. Five arm blocks, all start spiraling at the wrist and spiral until the completion of the block.
  • Head must snap when turning.
  • Thousand hand, five and six count rice exercises and the sun fist.
  • High rising block is executed from the hip.
  • Teeth clenched. Eyes wide with a wild stare.
  • Eight faces: Confidence, Friendly, Solemn, Unconcerned, Contempt, Shock, Fear, Anger.
  • All kicks, blocks and strikes are 90% circular–point and circles.
  • For every forward kick, there is a reverse kick.
  • Twelve detailed punches; six long, six short.
  • Block, punch and cover preparation and attack movements.
  • Block, punch, shift and cover preparation and attack movements.
  • Tekatana and Te Uke covers–very obvious in all Shuri Ryu techniques and katas.
  • Body is always relaxed until the exact moment of completing the technique.
  •  Form sparring, stance sparring, free sparring(jiju undo).
  • 26 ippons, 10 taezu naru waza, 30 kihons
  • The mention of Matsumora, Motobu, Hsing, Trias and yourselves.
  • Pine tree which stands for strength, endurance and longevity.

2 thoughts on “Shuri Ryu

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  2. Looking for a team mate from 1974. Danny Owen’s, myself, and Steve Lewicki, (school teacher from G Rapid’s), all fought as a 3 member team and won (region 6 championships that year at MSU. All went on to the 1974 Grand National’s in Cincinati (spelling) Ohio. Danny WON as 1st Brown Belt. Grand National Champion!! Need to visit with him and or Steve Lewiki if possible!! Thank you very much. Paul Dalton (former team member)

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