Mr. Ezra Scott achieves the rank of San Dan.

Congratulations to Mr. Ezra Scott as he has achieved the rank of San Dan; 3rd degree Black Belt in Shuri Ryu. Mr Scott trains with passion, integrity and grit. He recently competed in the elite competion, the 2017 Trias Cup. Congratulations Mr Scott. 

Master Phillip Koeppel and Mr. Ezra Scott


Congratulations Mr. Jason Tillman

Mr. Jason Tillman has completed and passed his examination to achieve the rank of San Kyu, 3rd brown belt. He is one of only seven people to achieve this rank at McLain’s Kosho School of Karate. To reach this level at our school is no small achievement. This requires years of hard work, dedication and training. However, this type of achievement is no stranger to Mr. Tillman.

Mr. Neil Stinson, Mr. William Spencer, Mr. Ezra Scott, Mr. Jason Tillman, Mr. Richard Garrett

Mr. Neil Stinson, Mr. William Spencer, Mr. Ezra Scott, Mr. Jason Tillman, Mr. Richard Garrett

Since beginning his Karate training six years ago he has also seen the birth of two of four beautiful daughters. He is a devoted and loving father and husband. He has also achieved his Masters degree and is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in Primary and Acute Care. During his Nurse Practitioner training he also complete 600 hours of clinical work. All while working his full time ER job.

Few know the kind of hard work, long hours and challenging circumstances Mr. Tillman has known. Congratulations on your Brown Belt. We all look forward to many years of continued training with you.


Mr. Jason Tillman, San Kyu


McLain's Kosho Karate SchoolWe’ve had several promotions to announce this season.

Congratulations to Mr. Ezra Scott, head instructor for McLain’s Kosho School of Karate. He’s been promoted to Ni Dan.

Congratulations to Mr. Richard Garrett. He’s been promoted the Ni Kyu.

Congratulations to Mr. Jason Tillman. He’s most recently been promoted to 4th Kyu.

Congratulations to our newest member, Mr. Patrick Boals. A White Belt, he has earned his Black Dot initiating him as a student of Shuri-Ryu Karate

The 2104 USKK Grand International Tournament, the 30th anniversary of this competition is coming on June 20-22nd. Good luck to all competitors!

USKK International Karate Tournament 2012

See members of McLain’s Kosho School of Karate and members of the Kosho-Ryu School of Karate (the school of Sensei Mike Awad’s) as we compete in Tournament.